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Polished silver wick trimmer

Polished silver wick trimmer

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Every candle-lover needs a wick trimmer.

Made from stainless steel

7 in. long



♥ Reduces soot: A trimmed wick helps your candle burn cleaner and with less soot. Trimming the wick to 1/4 inch helps prevent excess smoke and debris from being released into the air while burning.

♥ Longer Burn Time: A long wick tends to burn faster, creating more heat than necessary, shortening your candle's burn time. Trimming your candle's wick ensures it burns optimally, resulting in a longer burn time and maximizing its use.

♥ Prevents mushrooming: A mushrooming wick forms black, sooty material at the top of the candle wick after burning. This causes the flame to become larger and flicker. Regularly trimming the wick can prevent mushrooming, which helps the candle burn more evenly and smoothly.

♥ Prevents flare-ups: A trimmed wick is much less likely to cause a flare-up or high flame, which can be dangerous. A long wick can cause the candle wax to heat unevenly, damaging the container and causing a fire hazard.

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