This complex scent is an enticing blend of oak, patchouli, marshmallow, embers, & ozone.

Iced Coffee
Transform your space into your favorite cafe with this decadent aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans. This scent smells like freshly brewed coffee with a hint of cream & sugar. [not available in diffusers]

Lavender Villa
The intoxicating aroma of French lavender will make you feel like you’re in a chateau in Provence.

Ocean View
This scent transports you to a serene hotel balcony overlooking the ocean, where the salty sea air mingles with hints of jasmine. This crisp fragrance has notes of ozone, sea salt, jasmine, light musk, & cedar.

The earthy blend of this woodsy yet slightly sweet scent will make you feel like you’re on a glamping trip with your besties. This intoxicating scent smells like sandalwood, musk, & amber.

Rosé Garden
Stroll through an English garden in full bloom with this invigorating blend of lilac, rose, jasmine, & greenery.

Southern Pumpkin Pie
Fill your space with the cozy aroma of pumpkin, vanilla, brown sugar, & nutmeg. [not available in diffusers]

Tropical Girls Trip
The fresh blend of pineapple, apple, banana, & vanilla has a sweet, exotic, & fruity aroma that brings warm, sunny beaches & Thai vacation vibes to mind.