About Us

Wild Poppy Shop was created and built upon the belief that every woman needs to feel confident and uplifted. When a woman feels comfortable with herself....she can  radiate  goodness to those around her. As we each share our personal goodness we can help those who struggle.  Sometimes we are the one struggling to put one foot in front of the other.  Sometimes we are the strong one.  Ready to help and carry others.  Get out there and share your goodness!  


Sometimes we go through dips in life when we feel inadequate, sad, depressed, or useless.  As the owner of Wild Poppy Shop I struggled through 3 years of extreme depression and anxiety.  It was hard. Just getting out of bed and taking care of myself was all I felt like I could do that day.  Just living was exhausting.  Everyday I felt  as if I was treading water in a swimming pool and I was just barely survivng by keeping my head above the water.  Many days I had to wonder if I was strong enough to keep treading that day or even that moment.  I found that on my worst days if I had something fun, cute, or comfortable  to wear on my body , or a cute piece of jewelry, or even something in my house that made me feel good or helped inspired me in some way, it helped me get through that moment or that day.  I have created this shop to bring feel good items to you that will hopefully help you or lift you if you are in need of  goodness today.  And if today you feel good-look for someone who needs lifting.....But if not, Let someone lift you.  Working together we will all get through this thing we call life.